Lifetime Warranty

Many people say they do great work and use the best parts. Talk is cheap as they say.

Take a look around, visit some websites and make some phone calls. Most people will offer you a warranty of 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or no days at all. Ever wonder why? Here’s a hint:  They aren’t as confident in their workmanship or don’t have the resources to back it up. And how do they perform their services so cheaply? Well, working out of a backpack at a coffee shop does have its advantages (like giving angry customers the slip) as does ordering trash components off of ebay, but do you really want to trust your lifeline to someone who can be here today and who knows where tomorrow?

At myPhoneMD we don’t play that game. Period. Our stores are permanent fixtures with permanent addresses and we have been at this game since 2008. If you’re unhappy about our work for whatever reason, want to yell, kick, scream or use your warranty, we’ll be right where you left us and will work hard to make things right.

myPhoneMD  provides a lifetime warranty* on everything we do, and guess what? If you manage to find us in the afterlife we will probably sort it out for you then as well. For the full relationship you have with your handset, we protect against ALL defects and workmanship relative to your repair(s) with no questions asked.  Though we can’t go about protecting your device from additional damage once you are back in the wild we kindly extend a 10% discount on any re-breaks after the fact because of course.