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Why We Love Tempered Glass

It’s not at all shameful to admit that you drop your phone constantly. We all do. In fact, the majority of our technicians show some amount of adversity towards keeping on a decent phone case. Why? Because our branded mobile products are designed to be worn like a flashy accessory. And why shouldn’t you want to show it off? It’s expensive, aesthetically pleasing, and also on you more than any other watch, purse, or jewelry.

So be proud of it, wear it out  – do you. If you’re not made of money, you might want to consider product protection that will likely save you money without compromising style. This is why most of our technicians use use tempered glass screen protectors on their personal devices. It works with slim cases that may not be super protective, but when combined with tempered glass can do a pretty decent job of saving you from a screen repair.


Tempered glass is a thin layer or glass that sits on top of your phone screen. Like so: Tempered Glass For iPhone at myPhoneMD New Orelans

It’s sealed with an oleophobic coating which doesn’t allow for grease to adhere to the display of your device, by keeping oil at bay, it aids in fingerprint resistance. It is designed to prevent your screen from scratches, and also designed to shatter in place of your screen. This is the most useful function of this product, in our humble opinions.


You could ask the same question about your phone, really. Alas, the advantage of tempered glass is simple: it’s much easier to peel off a shattered screen protector that it is to replace an entire cell phone screen. This is why we all use tempered glass on our own phones — even though we’re constantly dropping our phones and replacing our tempered glass, it’s much easier and cheaper replace the screen protector instead of the screen. AND, this way we get to use cases that wouldn’t be so protective otherwise and tote them stylin phones like the kings and queens we all are.

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