Guide To Your Apple Warranty Agreement

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Warranty in General

For the iPhone owner, dealing with a broken screen, home button, or damaged case will mean entering the murky territory of Apple’s limited warranties. These contracts are written in a legalese that manages to be incredibly specific and patently vague at the same time, so the inclination to ignore them entirely seems natural.  But understanding the warranty agreement can save money and time when it may matter most. There are a number of areas within the agreement that are mainly procedural; Apple just needs to cover their bases. Here are the essential points that apply to the customer.

In the clear cut department, factory defects, such as difficulty charging, dead pixels, poor color saturation, earpieces and proximity sensors, are almost universally covered under warranty so long as your phone hasn’t been within 100 yards of a swimming pool. Repairs made via Apple’s warranty process that result in further damage, too, are clearly covered. Even more clear, Apple considers the warranty void if the serial number has been removed or tampered, or if the user has modified the software running on their device.

Bear in mind that limited warranty lasts only one year.   Even if you paid for Apple Care there may be stark limitation to the services on offer after the initial 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  If you aren’t sure about your warranty status, you can easily find out the state of your warranty here by entering your serial number (this is how you find yours).

Accidental Damage

First off, all add-ons not manufactured by Apple are not under warranty. This means they have no obligation to service damage done to tempered glass, cases, or any 3rd party accessory even when manufactured by authorized companies. The Apple warranty also doesn’t cover accidents like the typical cracked screen, missing buttons or damage caused by water and fire. Further, any cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents that do not affect the performance of a device are not going to be covered by a warranty action.

This is where 3rd party service providers such as myPhoneMD come into play.  After answering the vague questions such as: “What is normal wear and tear?” and “What constitutes an accident?” you get to the most interesting part of the equation.  We are up front with all customers that any repair performed on your device outside of the confines of Apple’s walled garden will void your factory warranty.  Now if you were paying attention you would notice that the warranty has already been voided by the act of dropping or damaging the device in the first place!  What this means is that if you are confident that the damage to your iPhone or iPad has been caused by accidental means your options are as follows:

  • Make yourself an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar in an Apple store and follow through the processes and protocols outlined in the 2380 word limited 1 year warranty.  Be advised that except for screen replacements and battery changes your device will actually not be repaired in store and instead replaced.  BE SURE to back up your device in advance or your digital life is history.
  • Attempt to source the appropriate part(s) and educate yourself as to the process to repair your device on your kitchen counter using that eyeglass repair kit in your nightstand and butter knife.
  • Locate a reputable independent 3rd party repair service center like your friendly neighborhood myPhoneMD that amongst other things will supply you with a warranty to cover the parts and workmanship utilized in the repair of your iDevice.
    • For the record, myPhoneMD has been in continuous operation since 2008 and provides a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware repairs and replacements.  We are also super great people that you are going to love to deal with.

In Conclusion:

So theres the 10,000 foot view on your warranty.  Still confused?  Have additional questions?  myPhoneMD has your back.  Just give us a shout and a friendly, knowledgable, mobile device repair professional can help you sort it all out.  Whether you need a screen replacement on your iPad Air, a battery in your aging 4S or a back housing on your iPhone 6 we have it under control.  We stock nearly every component on the most popular handsets and tablets as well as a great selection of accessories and smart products.