Ambulance That Saves Smart Devices Hits The Streets

911 operators don’t take kindly to emergency calls for shattered smartphone screens…But we do! Introducing the all-new Emergency Mobile Unit, an advanced ambulatory-like vehicle with all the equipment needed to repair a smart device while on the move.

New “mobile crisis” unit resuscitates injured smart devices; ready at a moment’s notice

Introducing the all-new EMU, our unique Emergency Mobile Unit. The EMU, an advanced ambulatory-like vehicle with all the equipment needed to repair a smart device, is designed to assist device owners who can’t make it to the repair center due to transportation issues or a busy work schedule. The vehicle also allows businesses to have a mobile emergency service on standby that can care for several of their employees many devices at one time. The EMU first debuted in Charleston, South Carolina, and we are now preparing to launch it in all of our markets across the country! So be on the lookout!

We keep a full inventory of repair parts and accessories in this sweet beast. It's like a storefront on wheels!

With our sweet new Mobile Unit, highly trained technicians can now be on the scene to save damaged smartphones and tablets almost as fast as a true ambulance. Each mobile unit will be staffed by two PhoneMDs and fully stocked with enough parts to make any emergency operation a success. While waiting to be dispatched for emergencies at homes or businesses, the vehicle and its technicians will be stationed in high traffic areas, such as parking lots of shopping malls, grocery store and other public venues, as well as major events and outdoor festivals.

“We realize people today are dependent on their cell phones. When they break, a person’s life virtually comes to a standstill,” said Sam Whetsel, General Manager of myPhoneMD. “Our job is to get smart device users back in business as fast as possible so they don’t miss a call from mom or the big business deal they were waiting to close.”

Customers in Charleston, South Carolina who are in dire need of this emergency service can call 843-408-1133 email

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