The myPhoneMD Story

During an era full of belt tightening, layoffs and hesitation, myPhoneMD is bucking the trend while also reconnecting smartphone users to lives put on hold by broken phones.

myPhoneMD was formed from two separate companies led by Conrad Green and Jeff Lyons, both natives of Louisiana. To provide broader service, these two young entrepreneurs joined forces in 2009 and have expanded the company through the scope and vision of Jeff Lyons. All locations offer knowledgeable customer service and provide reliable and quick turnaround service usually not found outside of traditional cell phone manufacturers.

We believe in the viability of the Louisiana market for starting a new business that focuses on new technology, and credit telecommunications as the cutting-edge business to bring a new economy to Louisiana. myPhoneMD prides itself on providing smartphone users with quicker, more cost-effective repair service than what most traditional cell phone stores offer.

As of December 2013, Conrad Green operates as the sole-owner of the myPhoneMD brand based out of the New Orleans, Louisiana branch. When Conrad Green is not wrestling alligators for farming purposes through native catch and release traditions, he enjoys spending his time improving upon the pleasant yet cutting edge retail experience that is myPhoneMD